Update! June 2011

June 5th, 2011


@ ONE-SHOT | A boy from Awal village thinking and sitting next to a graveyard.

First of all I own you a BIG apology for our lack of communication on this site. That should never have happened, so we’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We have faced different problems that have delayed our work as ONE-SHOT, starting from some unrest/protests in our city, which included some casualties, from February until April. This pushed back my return to the field until April of this year. Besides that, we have been busy meeting local groups for this year’s program, but have also met with some important people who will play key roles at ONE-SHOT in the future. Here is some good news and updates that you need to know:

• We have updated our website with current info. It starts at our Mission section and continues until our Blog. Please check this out to understand our vision.
• We have a new part of our strategy called “ONE-SHOT Workshops!.” Read this link and you will understand how important this is for our long-term goals.
• We are really close to publish dates for our first ONE-SHOT Workshop. We are aiming to work from September through December of this year, but first we have to wait for confirmation from our local partners. That info will be published on this site really soon.
• We are working on finding partners worldwide that can help us to host an exhibit after November 2011 to show the work of our first ONE-SHOT Workshop. The proceeds will help to improve the work of our local partner.
• We have updated our list of donations and donors.
• We will start a campaign (all are invited to join us) for donations. To accomplish this, the cameras and setups that we need for September are especially the Point & Shoot type of digital cameras and the Funds that are also needed to start.
• Good news! The remaining funding needed for the 2011 ONE-SHOT Workshop is only $4,400 USD.
• We have changed the info on the account for receiving funds. See it here.
• Here’s another link with photos and a list of the things we are already “Counting on!” for our ONE-SHOT Workshop 2011.
• The most excited part! We have recruited 5-6 other people as Board Members of ONE-SHOT. They are really talented and compassion driven, so they will be a great help to this initiative. We’ll be blogging about it on the up coming weeks. (We still have room for 1 or 2 more spots! Let us know if you are interested)

Thank you so much for all the support. We have taken another step forward towards our dream for the children in Iraq. Please help us to distribute this info.

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