Meet the Team!

July 27th, 2011

Some of the children at Awal Village, outskirts of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

You might be surprised to know that behind The ONE-SHOT Project is a team of people from across the globe. Meet the people behind the project:

Heber Vega is The ONE-SHOT Project founder and Director of Operations. You’ll also find him, with camera in hand, teaching. Heber is a Chilean humanitarian and cultural photographer based in northern Iraq, and specializes in documenting the work of NGOs and non-profit organizations. Heber and his family (including his wife Belen) have lived in northern Iraq for the last 7 years, and has developed both a love for the Iraqi people and a deep appreciation of their potential. You can see more of Heber’s photography work at his website

Belen Leon is our Financial Manager (and co-creator of The ONE-SHOT Project). Belen is Chilean and has lived in northern Iraq for 7 years. She has gained many years of experience managing the finances of the MRDS office in Sulaymaniyah. Belen handles all aspects of donations related to the Project, and quite frankly is the brains behind the whole operation.

Amed Latif is our Logistics Manager, otherwise know as a “fixer”. Amed is a Kurdish-American who has been living in Iraq for many years. He is one of those brilliant minds behind a new generation of Kurds who invest their lives in social projects that create positive change for his people. Amed advises on local issues and recruits local volunteers.

Erin Wilson is our Communications Manager. Erin is a Canadian photographer with nearly two decades of experience in museums, using photographs and cultural objects to communicate information to a wide range of people. As well as handling much of of the project communications, Erin will design lesson plans and be a guest instructor.

There will be a number of local photographers and students who will join the team to help with teaching and translation. We will introduce you to them as the Project goes forward.

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