International Photography Projects with Children

August 2nd, 2011

While I’ll have more to share about this soon, I’ve been doing research related to The ONE-SHOT Project – photography workshops for kids in northern Iraq. In preparing curriculum, I wanted to see what other projects were out there… and that search developed into this list.

There have been a lot of projects! Such a wonderful thing. In this list you’ll find a whole range, from the work of large organizations to individuals. Some projects were short-term and are finished now. Some are ongoing. Each project had it’s own objectives, but the common thread here is teaching photography skills to help kids on the margins.

“After a quick look at the international projects, I’d say that ONE-SHOT is one of the few designed from the outset to be an ongoing program to develop vocational skills. I find this very exciting.”

I certainly welcome additions to the list! Please leave a comment if you know of a project I missed (and I’m sure there are hundreds!). Also, if there is a place or project that interests you, please consider getting involved. While we’d love to have you involved in ONE-SHOT, I think it’s far more important that you get involved where you feel connected.


Argentina (Buenos Aires):
Fundacion ph15

1 Camera 1000 Smiles

Project Einstein Bangladesh

Clicking Hearts
Olhar Coletivo
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro):
Digital Depiction

The Good Karma Project

The World Through Our Eyes

AJA Youth + Photography Transformation

Egypt (Cairo):
Kids with Cameras

The Ghana Youth Photo Project

Project Einstein Guatemala

Kids with Cameras
Zanmi Lakay

India (Calcutta):
Kids with Cameras

Iraq (Sulaymaniyah):
The ONE-SHOT Project

Israel (Jerusalem):
Kids with Cameras

The Tumaini Children’s Project

See The World Through Our Eyes

Mexico (Oaxaca):
Cameras for Kids

Nepal (Kathmandu):
Lens on Life

Nicaragua (Solentiname):
Miradas de Solentiname

Nicaragua (Managua):
LOVE: Lens of Vision + Expression

Dar el Awlad Photography Club

Ahecha Paraguay

Through The Eyes of Children

South Africa (Pretoria):
Project Einstein South Africa

AJA Youth + Photography Transformation
Project Einstein Thailand

Connecting with Street Kids

United Kingdom (London):

United States (San Diego, CA):
AJA Youth + Photography Transformation
United States (Charleston, SC):
Charleston Kids With Cameras
United States (Washington, DC):
Critical Exposure
United States (Brattleboro, VT):
The In-Sight Photography Project
United States (San Francisco, CA):
First Exposures
United States (New York, NY):
Five Boroughs Foundation of Photography
United States (New Orleans, LA):
The New Orleans Kid Camera Project
United States (Lexington, KY):
Our Word in Pictures
United States (Charlotte, NC):
Silent Images Workshop
United States (Seattle, WA):
Youth in Focus

Chishawasha’s Photography Workshop

Picture Change
Capturing Neverland

Shoot Cameras Not Guns

Storytelling Sites & Resources:
Center for Digital Storytelling
Sharing Stories Australia
Voices Inc. Tuscon
Online Universities

Training Opportunities:
Literacy Through Photography Workshop at Duke University.

Resources (over and over, this film was sited as inspiration for projects):
Born Into Brothels

5 comments on “International Photography Projects with Children

  1. There is also the 1 camera 1000 smiles project by Australian Photographer Richard Piscioneri whose project has been operating in remote villages in Bali. www.

    • Wazza says:

      Thanks for posting that link Angie, I’ve been searching for some inspiration for my next shoot and the 1 camera 1000 smiles has some amazing shots…I’m also an aussie and can’t believe I haven’t seen that site before?

  2. Erin Wilson says:

    Thanks for the addition, Angie. I’ve updated the list!

  3. A photography project that we have been involved in within our community are passionate about is Help Portrait
    We were inspired by Help Portrait and brought together closer to home to one of the poorest postal codes in Canada.

    • Heber Vega says:


      Thanks for sharing this. We are aware of the existence of Help-portrait. We are even planing on making one in the future, here in Iraq. The thing is, we did not list it because is not exclusively working with children as the other initiatives above.
      Thanks again.

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