Gear Update – Only 3 weeks left!

August 11th, 2011

18 Flip video MinoHD Cameras have been donated for this workshop!

This feels like a count-down: in less than a month we’ll be starting our first photography workshop!

We put out the request a few weeks ago for point & shoot cameras. The word has gone out via email, blog posts, Twitter, Google+, Freecycle, and of course by word of mouth in our own social circles. We’re so grateful for every person who has helped to spread the message!

To date, we’ve got 15 cameras on hand, or on their way! There are a possible 5 more on their way, so I’m confident at this point that we’ll have enough for our first group of kids. That said… if you have a point & shoot camera you’d like to donate, we could use it!

We’re focused now on getting each camera equipped with batteries, chargers, download cords and anything else needed. A local store clearing out inventory (in Canada) proved a wonderful source for cases! So we now have enough camera cases for the class.

We’re still working on getting enough compatible memory cards cards, and scholarship funds for the students. Keep watching this space for updates. You can contact us at to find out more about making donations.

Thank you for your encouragement!

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