Volunteer Update – Thank You!

August 15th, 2011

Some of the future students for ONE-SHOT Workshop 2011.

One of the most exciting things about being involved in The ONE-SHOT Project from the early days has been watching people from around the world get excited to be involved. Just this week we’ve been contacted by photographers/teachers from Australia, the US and The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to seeing how some of these relationships develop in the future, but we have to tell you that even by getting in touch with us you are sending a huge boost of encouragement. Thank you!

We’d like to send some shout-outs to some folks who have been especially helpful recently:

Elsbeth Pijnappels is a photographer and educator in Holland who saw our tweet asking for tips on teaching photography to kids. She sent a wonderfully detailed email, packed with practical examples. I might mention that Elsbeth took the time to do this as she was practically running out the door for her vacation. Thank you, Elsbeth!

Aza Jabar featured ONE-SHOT on his Tumblr blog. I only wish I could read the post! Thanks for your support, Aza!

Linda Crago, a friend and farmer in Canada, is hosting a fundraising evening next Tuesday night. She’s combining her love of farming (she specializes in heirloom tomatoes), with supporting a local food truck, as well as our ONE-SHOT Project. What a creative way to use what you have to support others! Thank you, Linda!

I’d also like to personally thank my friends and family who have helped to buy cameras. I confess that I’m completely touched every time someone contributes to the project.

If you’re a photographer or teacher who is interested in being involved in ONE-SHOT, please get in touch.

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