The Closing Ceremony: 2011

February 10th, 2012

While things may have been quiet on the blog, it’s anything but quiet behind the scenes.  So many details are getting sorted out for our three summer 2012 Workshops.  Yes three!  More on that soon.  But we wanted to give you a final look at our 2011 Workshop.

To wind everything up, in December we held a closing ceremony.  Local dignitaries were invited to attend, as well as everyone who had been involved with the project.  We wanted everyone to have a chance to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

© ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

A class photo, with an exhibit of their work.  The two young ones are Heber and Belen’s boys… no we don’t start with toddlers!

© ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

Every student that completed the Workshop was given a framed certificate.  You can see from the first photo in the post that they were all very proud of their accomplishment.

© ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

Each student was also given one of their photographs (mounted) to hang in their room.  For some students, it was very hard to make a final selection!

© ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

Many of our students study drumming.  During the final ceremony they had a chance to perform.  Our students performed so well, and it was a real moment for them to shine.

© ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

And lastly, one photograph from each student, exhibited at the Closing Ceremony.  I think you can see why we are so proud of our student’s work!  The final event was a true celebration, with music and food, and lots of encouragement for the students.

We’ll be keeping you posted with details of our upcoming workshops.  Exciting days ahead!


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