Half-way There + A Cheer for Social Media

March 6th, 2012


Two weeks ago we launched a campaign to gather enough cameras for our 2012 summer workshops.  I’m happy to say that we’re over half-way to our goal!  Thank you!!  We’ve had cameras, memory cards, and other bits donated.  Some are on their way to Iraq already.  It’s been so amazing to feel so supported!  I just wrote this in an email to a friend who donated a camera, and thought I’d share it part of it here too:

Heber and I were skyping last weekend, and we talked about the final ceremony (that I missed), when the kids got their prints we’d made up of their best work.  He was telling me about B.  B is the class clown… always joking around, always in motion.  Except when he got his print.  B got really quiet.   I think we were the first ones who showed B that he was capable of amazing things; maybe the first ones to believe in him.

It’s easy to call it hyperbole, when we tell folks who donate cameras that they’re changing lives.  Except that we’ve already seen it happen.  And it couldn’t happen without our friends… like you.

We’re all in this together.

We still need a few point and shoot cameras, and 12 DSLRs.  If you have one tucked away for “just in case” consider sending it on an amazing adventure with some amazing kids!  You can email cameras@theoneshotproject.com, and we’ll determine a shipping location most convenient for you.

Please share this post on Facebook, Google+, tweet it, email it to your friends.  It works!  We’ve received emails from folks from all over the world who heard about the project through your efforts. Yay social media!

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