Counting: Days, Gear, Friends

May 3rd, 2012

With just a little over a month until we begin our 2012 workshops, we’re busy working out lots of logistical details.  We’ll have an update soon on our gear needs (it’s not too late to donate your extra camera!).

The most exciting thing to see is how our friends are rallying to support ONE-SHOT.  On our Facebook page, our local Kurdish friends are signing up to help translate and work with students.  It’s wonderful to see volunteers from last year wanting to be involved again, and to be reaching out to their friends to join in!  And in Holland, our Dutch Connection has been gathering her friends to support in a different way:

From Elsbeth: “Today is a national day of festivities in Holland, we’re celebrating our Queens birthday. Traditionally there are flea markets everywhere! These lovely friends donate the money they make to The One Shot project. Yeah!”

Yeah!!  Many thanks to our Dutch friends for supporting our amazing students!!  There are lots of ways to support ONE-SHOT, even if you don’t have a camera to donate or the ability to come to Kurdistan to help.

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