2012 Workshop: Day 4

June 13th, 2012

By Elsbeth Pijnappels

Day four of the first week at the ONE-SHOT Project and so far all the teachers are proud and smiling behind their laptops every evening when downloading and looking at the pictures the kids have taken. We show off the results from the kids to each other all the time!

It’s really great walking in the Teenagers House and see the eager and smiling faces every morning, and I’m really touched by all the effort and commitment these boys put in their work.

Today my level 1 kids had a great time exploring the topic of colour. In the class we discussed how colour can be in a little detail of the picture, how it can fill the whole picture or how you can work with the same colours in one picture. But also how colours can communicate emotions and feelings and how you can create strong contrasts.

When the boys received their cameras and could go outside they immediately spread through the neighbourhood like real scavenger hunters. Moving trashcans with different colours together and looking for little coloured details in hidden places. Let me show you what a good job they did!

Barham totally rocked it with the fence in similar hues; he has made some amazing pictures today.

Kaiwan was also in a yellow/brown mood, and look at his perfect framing.

Safin and Walid searched for colours but also applied techniques they learned in the previous classes about framing and perspective as well!

And last but not least Bryar nailed it with this bright and happy picture with great contrast. He will be delighted that we teach about the macro-function tomorrow, so next time this beautiful rose will be sharp!

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