2012 Workshop: Day 5

June 14th, 2012

By: Agnes O’Hanlon

It’s interesting what you find when you view things from another angle.

Day 5 of the workshop couldn’t have turned out any better. The boys at the bazaar came in equipped to learn, create, share, and take in beautiful things through the art of photography.

Today was all about Macro Photography – capturing images that focus more on the fundamental elements and details that make up a subject rather than the subject itself. Macro images reveal characteristics that are normally not visible to the naked eye. It allows one to expand their creativity and further their skills through abstraction.

The boys were fascinated by the concept of taking Macro pictures. Their interest truly shined through their questions and comments during the lesson. They couldn’t wait for us to hand them their cameras; and when we did, they did not hesitate to get up-close and personal with objects found in the neighborhood.

As their teachers, we were truly amazed by the images they captured. Their talent, vision, and creativity has been a graceful dance for all of us – let it sweet you! Here are some of the photographs that the students made today.

Photos (from top) by: Kaiwan, Rebaz, Hardi, Skhar, Bestun.

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