2012 Workshop: Day 7

June 19th, 2012

Barham explored the asymmetrical composition as well as negative space in this picture

By: Elsbeth Pijnappels
“With a good composition you can even make the most uninteresting things look interesting” I told the kids today. In previous classes we talked about framing, perspective and point of view, colour and light. Things that all come together when you talk about composition. The photographer decides what we see, where it is placed in the picture and how he uses his frame, light etc.

In today’s lesson I mixed examples of good compositions from professional photographers with good compositions made by the kids earlier this week. We talked about symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions, diagonal lines, rule of thirds and where you place the horizon in the picture. It was a lot of new information for the kids but they took it very well. At the end I showed them pictures and they had to explain to me what kind of composition it was, they passes this little test with a big A+

The step from seeing and recognizing good compositions to making them yourself isn’t easy. But some of the students walked out with their cameras and did a real good job. It’s really surprising how each day, they give me another view on their personal space and surroundings. In tomorrow’s class we will continue and dig a little deeper on this subject but I’ll show you some highlights of today.


Safin experimented with horizon; made a nice picture of Barham in action. Found interesting negative space as well.


And last: two pictures of Walid, who surpises me everyday with his creative view

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