2012 Workshop: Day 8

June 19th, 2012

By: Agnes O’Hanlon
As a photographer, you are always put in the role of observer.

Carefully observing the details is critical in photography, because those details are
used to visually communicate a story or an idea to the viewer by transporting them

This week, the kids at the Bazaar were taught how to step outside their comfort
zone and finely observe every detail of a subject or moment. They learned the basic
functions of light, color, lines, shapes and form and how all can be used together to
create good composition with balance and structure. All of these elements when
used correctly have the power to create a captivating image.

We also went over the importance of space and how that can make or break a
photograph depending on how it’s utilized. Asymmetrical and symmetrical use of
space, as well as the “Rule of Thirds”, were key topics in our lessons. The boys were
fascinated and eager to learn more, often asking many questions about techniques
and further elements of the topics we were discussing.

We send them out with their cameras, encouraging them to give full attentiveness
to the moments and subjects around them. As a result, they have developed the
ability to seek new ways of seeing what is already in front of them. They have
also established a skill for controlling the composition of their subjects, and have
progressed in the way they use lines and shapes to convey a particular feeling
through the image.

Bright minds capturing bright and colorful images.

Like Karwan, who continues to amaze us by capturing the phenomenon of light
seen through the reflection of the building and subject in the water.

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