2012 Workshop: Day 10

June 21st, 2012

By Elsbeth Pijnappels
It’s such a cliché expression but sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. You can tell from the picture above that I had a great time today.

And because today’s class was all about emotions, body language and facial expression, I won’t do any in depth analysis but let the photos do the talking… well actually let Y. do the talking!

Y. is one of the level 1 students whose expressive face and flexible eyebrows make me smile each morning I see him. When he disagrees with my choice of his best photo from the day before, his eyebrows and mouth go down. When he’s happy and wants to show me his pictures, his right eyebrow raises and a genuine, sweet, big smile appears on his face. We totally understand each other despite our huge language barrier.

Today Y. showed me how he can lift up the other students by giving them opportunities to photograph perfect examples of emotions and body language. His expressive behaviour helped the other students a lot by opening up before the camera which resulted in some great photos. So reason enough to give him this well deserved moment of fame!

*photos by Elsbeth, Barham and Safin.

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