2012 Workshop: Day 11

June 24th, 2012

By: Agnes O’Hanlon

When Heber announced that the boys could take their cameras home for the weekend, their faces immediately lit up and the room was suddenly transformed by their dynamic energies.

Each of us is a creator of our own story, and it was so beautiful for us to see the excitement that the boys had, for the opportunity to show us their stories beyond the two hours that we share together in class. Perhaps, so they could “marinate” more with their cameras to give their images more flavor.

Their assignment was to partner with a friend and document the work that they do at the bazaar. Some went beyond and captured images of previous techniques that they learned in the past two weeks, such as the phenomenon of light, lines, shapes and forms, emotions, perspective, and composition to name a few. Others took the initiative to capture images of friends, family, and activities they enjoy during free time.

The assignment not only taught the boys the concepts of storytelling, it also trained them to be comfortable in front of the camera and be photographed.

We are so happy and amazed by the gift that these boys have in taking extraordinary pictures! Here are some of their works:

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