2012 Workshop: Day 13

June 26th, 2012

By: Elsbeth Pijnappels

Lucky number 13 that is, as I’m writing this post my kids are actually on a nice 2-day trip around the city. This means that in the last week of One-Shot I won’t see them again until Thursday, for the final day and it’s making me sad already!

In the past few days we worked through a lot of new subjects so let me take you back to Monday’s class. I taught the kids about photographing silhouettes, a thing they sometimes do by accident, and have already experienced in making their photographs. But making them on purpose wasn’t as easy as it looked. Actually this is a class which showed me a little of the character of the boys, because not all point & shoot cameras are great for making silhouettes.

So I’ve seen some of the boys really struggling but not giving up and one of them giving up, close to tears. You can understand these are the moments I wish I could speak fluently Kurdish to encourage and help. Don’t we photographers all have a ‘bad’ day sometimes?

On the other hand, this assignment gives an insight into a lot of the subjects explored in the past two weeks, below you can find some great examples of silhouettes in combination with framing, composition, point of view and light.

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