2012 Workshops: The Closing Ceremony

July 13th, 2012

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over! By the time we’d cleaned up from the closing ceremony last Saturday, tired and so very proud, we knew that this year’s workshops were a success. How could we be so sure? The proof was in an amazing exhibit of our students’ work, and the pride on their faces when they walked into the gallery to see THEIR work hanging on the walls.

We had just a couple hours in the gallery we’d rented to organize and hang prints from three different classes. It was frantic, that’s for sure! But with volunteers setting out refreshments, setting up a sound system, and hanging prints, everything came together as the first students arrived.

In no time, the gallery was full. Full of students, family and friends who came to celebrate our students. Everyone took time to walk the gallery and appreciate each print. The students had a great time taking folks around and showing them their work.

Each student was presented with a certificate, an album of their best work and a portrait of themselves, and a DVD with all of the images they’d taken during the workshop.

And each student was given a print of their work. We printed two of the best images from each student, and each was able to choose their favourite to keep. The other images were given to our partner organizations to hang in their facilities.

The work was well received by everyone in attendance. Local press were there to cover the event, and interviewed some of the students about their work. Not only were they able to express what the workshop had meant to them, but they were able to discuss their own work and how they’d made it. Did I mention that we are proud of them?!

We have to thank everyone who helped to make this event a reality, from financial donations to time spent encouraging our young photographers. Each one of you made a difference! Thank you!

We already have plans in the works, not only for the next workshops… but for something a little different. Stay tuned!

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