2013, You’re Beautiful!

January 9th, 2013

Hello!  Happy 2013.

One of my favourite parts of being part of The ONE-SHOT Project is that any day in the year can feel like Christmas.  Like yesterday.  When I picked up our international mail and found this:


Sometimes I get to read little notes from our donors.  I am always impressed by the number of you who have hung onto the original boxes.  Impressive!


Equally impressive is your packing skills!  You folks are good!


I took these photos yesterday afternoon, in the thin Canadian winter light.  But when I unpacked this point and shoot camera, I was instantly transported.  I thought about our students in Kurdistan; wondered how they are weathering the winter, and wondering which of them will be part of our upcoming workshops.  I thought about our new upcoming workshop in Chile (yes… more on that news soon!).

I was reminded again about the power of something so small.  A camera, used to document someone’s life, now being passed on to expand the life of another.  We don’t turn down donations of new cameras, but to be honest, it’s the used ones that mean the most to me.  I love the idea of connection.

If you upgraded over Christmas, and have an extra camera you’re going to tuck away in a drawer for ‘just in case’, I hope you’ll consider sending it along to us instead.  There’s really no way of guessing how much of an impact it will make in our students hands, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that it will change a life.  I’ve witnessed that first hand.

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