Santiago 1-2013: A Look At Light

April 19th, 2013



It’s been a rough week out there. No matter what corner of the world has captured your heart, there has been hard news to take in this week.  Seems like a good moment to pause, to look at the world through the eyes of a handful of kids, and think about light.  In case you’re like me, it’s good to have a reminder sometimes to look for the light.

Last Saturday we did just that with our students.  We gathered in the little community center for the housing complex, and talked about light and the impact it has on how we see what we see.


Lindsay *100_2502 (2) copy


Lupe *DSCN1987 (3) copy


We talked about the direction of light, and how that affects texture.


Juan *100_2335 (4) copy


Biron *IMG_0140 (5) copy


Darling *IMG_0005 (6) copy


We talked about how light impacts shape and depth too.




From what I understand, this is the first time these kids have made photographs.  You’re seeing them straight out of their donated point-and-shoot cameras; made in the little park across the street from the community center.  It was mid-day, and the light was already harsh, but they found a way to take full advantage of the little spot we had to work.

Jorge, Lindsay, Lupe, Juan, Biron, Darling, and Ivan.  We’ll see who joins us tomorrow.  I’m excited!

4 comments on “Santiago 1-2013: A Look At Light

  1. Heber Vega says:

    Love the last image!

  2. idelette says:

    Fabulous. Just fabulous. #lightwinstoo

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