Developing Change: Feeling the Shift

April 23rd, 2013

1 Ryan Herz developing change herz copy

photo above: Ryan Herz
lower left: Laura Burnett, lower right: Mike Stovall


2 outside LB MS


If you’ve been following along here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter, we’ve been talking about the Developing Change exhibit for months. The exhibit, put on by the drkrm gallery in Los Angeles, opened this past Saturday. The drkrm gallery is housed in the oldest gallery in Chinatown, and thanks to some generous friends, we’re able to share what the opening felt like.

“We arrived early to purchase our tickets, and had nice conversations with Julie [Towner], the woman who organized this display. Her goal is to bring more local and international attention to these photography workshops that are going on around the world. Each nonprofit organization that participated seemed to be similar in goals, but also very unique.” -Marianne Pierson


3 *One Shot Showing 296 copy MS

photos above and below: Mike Stovall


4 *One Shot Showing 277 copy MS


5 *One Shot Showing 278 copy MS

photo above: Mike Stovall
photo below: Laura Burnett


6 *IMG_0210 copy LB


“We heard such positive conversations about your student’s work, which we also enjoyed immensely. Most often we heard people comment that when they think of Iraq, they visualize a shattered and war torn country. Your students instead showed lovely architecture, landscapes, busy bazaars, and colorful fruit stands just to mention a few. This has such a powerful ability to show a different side to what most people here in the U.S. expect to see.” -Marianne Pierson


7 *IMG_0211 copy LB

photos above + below: Laura Burnett


8 *IMG_0193 copy LB


9 *One Shot Showing 312 copy MS

photo above: Mike Stovall
photos below: Laura Burnett


10 *IMG_0203 LB


Last Saturday night, something shifted for The ONE-SHOT Project. It’s no longer a little project working in isolation; ONE-SHOT became part of community. Our students joined with others from all across the world to show that a different way is possible; that the world needs to see the images our students can make, that they’re able to share truth the world-wide media outlets have failed to show.

These kids’ voices matter.  They are artists.  And their work can change the world.

It’s particularly appropriate that this exhibit happened in Chinatown.  It’s a perfect visual representation of the fact that we’re all connected.  It’s true that our students need our support and encouragement in order to make a different kind of life.  It’s equally true that the world needs the gifts and skills they have to offer… the same gifts and skills they might never have known they have.

We can’t wait to show these photos to our Kurdish students!  Thank you for helping to make this happen.


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