A little Thursday light…

August 10th, 2014

Baban & HardiDSC00142 copy

At our first class with our current students (including a couple boys we worked with two years ago and are so happy to have back), we looked at light. The workshop takes place during their mid-day work break, so we have to make the most of the harsh sun overhead.

We looked at overhead light, and open shade. We stood in the courtyard outside the Center and discussed what happened to our faces when the light was strong overhead, then discussed what happened when the light was softer. And then we set them loose with cameras to explore.

RabarDSCN0144 copy

GmoDSCN2144 copy

Baban & HardiDSC00159 copy


RabarDSCN0146 copy

AraP1040314 copy

Hawraman & YadgarIMG_5219 copy

It’s always exciting to download images after a class. We look for the ways the students understood the lesson, and for the ways we missed the mark in teaching. We look for the amazing things they notice in the bazaar, because they know it so well. It’s going to be a wonderful couple of weeks.

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