September 5th, 2014

After each daily lesson, the students were sent off to make photos, and we would go to a central meeting point to wait for their return. Some students returned eager for us to review every photo in camera. We would look at their work, and sometimes send them back out to remake an image that was close to being a great image.

And some students would bring back their cameras, zipped up tight in its case. Like Hawraman. His response didn’t change much when we asked ‘how did it go?’. “Not bad” was his daily reply.

Most days, ‘not bad’ was really rather good.

HawramanDSC00383 copy

HawramanDSC00530 copy

HawramanDSC00366 copy

HawramanDSC00529 copy

HawramanDSC00388 copy

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