All About Us


The ONE-SHOT Project non-profit initiative bringing opportunity through vocational training to children living in adverse conditions. We provide photography and multimedia training, while teaching peacemaking values to children.  Read about our mission.

ONE-SHOT has two strategies.

The first is short-term, based on ONE-SHOT Workshops, which supports local organizations, groups, and schools that are already working with children in adverse situations.

The second, a long-term goal, is for ONE-SHOT to use these workshops to identify talented children and support them with care, education, and training so they have an opportunity to become professional visual communicators.

The ONE-SHOT Project advocates for peace. One of our missions is to create a force of new artists who will advocate for peace among the different factions that today add risk to the future of this world. Read about our values.

These are the organizations partnering with us to implement this project. Read about our partners.

“Photography has played an important role in our societies and in the lives of many. Having been crucial in the past, I hope it will be once again here at ONE-SHOT.” Letter from the founder.