The ONE-SHOT Project is looking for long-term results, but is also focusing on today’s needs. There are many groups already working with the type of children that we seek to support. Because we don’t want to duplicate work, we have decided to run these ONE-SHOT Campaigns by partnering with and supporting local organizations, groups, and schools already in place.

How can The ONE-SHOT Project can help those groups?

– We work with groups for 3-4 months at a time, and provide a workshop that teaches children photographic, documentary, and story-telling skills.
– We set up an exhibit of the student’s work at the end of each workshop, in the host country and in other places around the world.
– We sell the exhibited art, and the profits go directly to improve that partner group, school or organization.

How can this help to accomplish long-term goals at The ONE-SHOT Project?

– We will be provided with the opportunity to know more children in more places.
– We will identify children during each workshop who have shown talent, interest, and commitment to photography and multimedia.
– We will work further with these promising students from each workshop, and will provide as much assistance as possible at that time.
– We will provide education, scholarships and job opportunities, and will see these children living out their dreams.
– Finally, we would love to see these select students from The ONE-SHOT Project helping with new students starting out. That way, we will know we are teaching them to give back what they have received, and will create a system that will grow beyond us.

If you are part of a group already working with children in adverse conditions, please feel free to contact us to see if your group can be next for one of our ONE-SHOT Campaigns.