Our Mission

The idea for The ONE-SHOT Project was initially developed because of the circumstances of children living in Iraq. Due to many factors, but especially the presence of war for the last 30 years, Iraqi children need help recovering from catastrophe. They also need to be given an opportunity for personal growth and development. Due to the great need in the whole country, there are children living in particularly adverse situations that are not being assisted enough by international agencies or local initiatives.

The ONE-SHOT Project provides opportunities for some of these children. In order to choose students, ONE-SHOT will develop a series of “ONE-SHOT Workshops”, aimed at supporting organizations, groups, and schools that are already working with children in need. ONE-SHOT will look for talented children, and will provide them with education and vocational opportunities, through the teaching of photographic, documentary, and story-telling skills. These skills can provide students with a profession they can use their whole lives.

While The ONE-SHOT Project began the first stage of a long-running program in northern Iraq, in September 2011, we dream of taking this project around the world!

In ONE-SHOT, we’ll create new visual communicators who will be able to present their own culture, show the challenges of their society, and create awareness of their situation through multimedia. At the same time, because ONE-SHOT is based on peacemaking values, we’ll help to create a force of new artists who can advocate for peace. The value of initiatives such as ONE-SHOT for promoting reconciliation and peace is beyond our understanding.

The big two essential features behind ONE-SHOT are:

1. Give opportunity, through vocational training, to children living in unfavorable conditions and without access to opportunity.
2. Teach peacemaking values, which once put into practice, will create awareness and solutions for the divisions that are affecting the world today.