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Some people have a lightness of being. Smiles and jokes and laughter. That’s Yadgar. It’s interesting that he sees in that way too. Has a way of seeing light that is really lovely. Paying attention to warm lightness.

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Rebaz is a person who is quick to voice his concerns. Quick to express that an assignment was too hard, or that the camera we gave him was too old. I think he spoke so quickly because he has a particular confidence that he is able to make good images, and he doesn’t want anything to get in his way.

Rebaz was another of our return students, and we were curious to see how much he would remember in the two years between workshops. He remembered plenty. And while he was initially disappointed that he was covering some of the same material, he quickly learned that he could explore those same ideas at a whole other level.

I told Rebaz that I was expecting a lot from him. I knew that he was capable. I pushed him. And he seemed to appreciate that. I absolutely appreciated the way he rose to the challenge.

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I will best remember Rabar for his response to the class on reflections. He knew he wanted to try to make reflections on water, and the bazaar really doesn’t have large pools or fountains. So in the relatively short time the students had to make photographs, Rabar sprinted to a park across town, where he knew he could find water.

Rabar has a gift for seeing the edges of things (evident in these photos he made over the final weekend assignment). I don’t think he appreciates that yet, but in time…we hope he will.

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Kewan surprised us, when he had a camera for a whole weekend to make photographs that showed us something about his life. Turns out that Kewan is a natural storyteller, and we didn’t know it. This was actually our second time having Kewan as a student, so it was even more delightful to continue to learn more about him.

Kewan’s work focused primarily on two stories: riding a bus, and getting prepared to sell water. You’ll see the two stories below.

Riding the bus:







After each daily lesson, the students were sent off to make photos, and we would go to a central meeting point to wait for their return. Some students returned eager for us to review every photo in camera. We would look at their work, and sometimes send them back out to remake an image that was close to being a great image.

And some students would bring back their cameras, zipped up tight in its case. Like Hawraman. His response didn’t change much when we asked ‘how did it go?’. “Not bad” was his daily reply.

Most days, ‘not bad’ was really rather good.

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