2013, You’re Beautiful!

Hello!  Happy 2013. One of my favourite parts of being part of The ONE-SHOT Project is that any day in the year can feel like Christmas.  Like yesterday.  When I picked up our international mail and found this:   Sometimes I get to read little notes from our donors.  I am always impressed by the […]

The Anniversary that feels like Christmas

anniversary minolta 2

So, I was finally able to catch up on a few things today, including picking up the mail for ONE-SHOT. Really, it’s one of my favourite things to do, because the mail is full of the most carefully wrapped packages, filled with your old cameras bound for Kurdistan. It feels like Christmas every time! In […]

1 camera + 1 memory card = super happy kids


  Hi friends! This week we’re launching a campaign to gather the cameras we need for our summer workshops.  Would you help us spread the word? Most folks who upgrade their cameras tuck their old camera away “just in case”.  There are millions of cameras tucked away and never used. They could be donated and […]



Wanted to give a shout-out to the kind folks at First United Church in Sherkston, Ontario (Canada). They asked me to speak at their Christmas luncheon today. It was a lovely time. Not only were they gracious, asking lots of questions after my talk, but they also gave a donation toward the project. Thank you!!

Friends + Family + Food = Cameras for Kids!

friends+food+family = Cameras for Kids!

This past Tuesday, the most amazing group of folks got together in support of ONE-SHOT. Linda Crago, a friend and farmer, hosted an event at her farm in Wellandport, ON, Canada. Linda knows that people who support local farms and who love good food are some of the most generous people around. She’s right! Linda […]

Update on the number of cameras!

It’s now a little less than 6 weeks away from our first photography workshop! We put out the request last week for point & shoot cameras, with the hopes of having enough for our class of 15-20 kids from the local group of students in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. We’ll be collecting more than 20 cameras, […]

New Donation! from Atlanta

ONE-SHOT | Donations from Atlanta!

This is a quick update! Today we’ve received another donation for ONE-SHOT, this time from Gary S. Chapman and some other friends from Atlanta area. I’d like to mention their names here: Gibbs Frazeur, Michael Alexander, Stan Kaady and finally Sara Chapman. We want to thank each of you and let you know that we […]