Well, that didn’t exactly go as planned…

It’s never been an easy thing to plan and run workshops with folks on the margins. But this year has been the most challenging to date. Our original partners here in Kurdistan have had to keep their students busy with tutors. Many failed their end-of-school year government exams, and they hope to improve their grades […]

Developing Change: Feeling the Shift

    If you’ve been following along here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter, we’ve been talking about the Developing Change exhibit for months. The exhibit, put on by the drkrm gallery in Los Angeles, opened this past Saturday. The drkrm gallery is housed in the oldest gallery in Chinatown, and thanks to some generous friends, we’re […]

Summer volunteer?

To our international friends: We just sent out an email to folks who’ve expressed an interest in volunteering with us this summer. If you didn’t get an email, let us know! We don’t want to leave anyone out! To our friends in Slemani: Happy New Year!!  Happy 2713!  Happy Newroz!   We’ll be needing volunteers again […]

Look out LA! Developing Change is on!

Such good news!  After a bit of a delay and change in venue, the drkrm gallery is launching Developing Change: Photography with a Humanitarian Focus on April 20th.  This will be the first gallery exhibit of our students’ work outside of Kurdistan, so we’re super excited! There are several ways that you can help support […]


  Hi folks- We received some disappointing news this morning. The Developing Change exhibit in LA is going to be postponed for a few months. Our friends at The DRKRM Gallery are having to vacate their location with no notice. We’ll keep you posted if/when the exhibit is rescheduled. Want you to know that part […]

A Clarifying Moment…


We’ve been showing some great images and stories from our students this summer, but we’re going to pause for a minute here. We’ve recently come across some fundraising campaigns for photography projects in Iraq. We’re happy to have the company, as there is much need! These projects tend to be different from The ONE-SHOT Project […]

The night before…


Workshop classes start tomorrow! Yesterday we were busy getting cameras ready for each class: testing, finding batteries, chargers and memory cards. We also found some interesting stories along the way. A few of the donated cameras still had photos on the memory cards (all cleared now, but we liked the peek into your lives!). As […]

Organic Redemption

“…We are talking about something that grows and develops without being dependent on an organization for it’s very existence. Individuals collaborate to make it a reality. There’s nothing wrong with organizations. They have a place. But I feel that there’s also a need for initiatives that are carried out by us, the ‘regular’ people of […]

Counting: Days, Gear, Friends

With just a little over a month until we begin our 2012 workshops, we’re busy working out lots of logistical details.  We’ll have an update soon on our gear needs (it’s not too late to donate your extra camera!). The most exciting thing to see is how our friends are rallying to support ONE-SHOT.  On […]

Our Dutch Connection

In less than two months, our 2012 Workshops will be under way, we’ll have met our new students and got to spend time with our returning students. In the meantime, we’re still working away behind the scenes to get everything ready.  One of the folks helping to make this happen is Elsbeth Pijnappels.  Elsbeth is helping […]

Suddenly I LOVE going to the post office!

Angelica and Dyar

Hey everyone!   We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received!  Here is an update to let you know how things are going:   -We’ve had cameras donated from many different countries, coming in the mail, and via friends and volunteers.  I can’t tell you how excited I get when I go to the […]

Half-way There + A Cheer for Social Media


  Two weeks ago we launched a campaign to gather enough cameras for our 2012 summer workshops.  I’m happy to say that we’re over half-way to our goal!  Thank you!!  We’ve had cameras, memory cards, and other bits donated.  Some are on their way to Iraq already.  It’s been so amazing to feel so supported! […]

The Closing Ceremony: 2011

@ ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

While things may have been quiet on the blog, it’s anything but quiet behind the scenes.  So many details are getting sorted out for our three summer 2012 Workshops.  Yes three!  More on that soon.  But we wanted to give you a final look at our 2011 Workshop. To wind everything up, in December we […]

A 2011 Yearbook


We’re excited for you to see the slideshow that was put together for our wrap-up event. You’ll get a look at our classes in action, our local volunteers (the best translators ever!), and most importantly, you’ll get to meet our students! A huge thank-you to Oscar Leon for putting this together! He did such a […]

A new way to get in touch…

Did you think we disappeared? Nope! But with everyone in Sulaymaniyah (and the rest of the country) celebrating Eid al-Adha, our schedule has been a little off. In the meantime, we’ve been working on some administrative details. I’m happy to tell our American supporters that we have a new U.S. address to receive donations of […]

Local Press

We got mentioned in a local Kurdish English-language newspaper, called Awat. You can check out the article here. We’re grateful for the support!

Welcome, Julie Adnan

©Julie Adnan | Gallery "The Cloth is Speaking".

We’ve mentioned a number of times the unique global flavour that The ONE-SHOT Project has taken on. A mulit-national team has developed to work with northern Iraqi kids. But one element is absolutely essential for the long-term success of ONE-SHOT: partnering with local Iraqi photographers. We need local photographers who understand local culture and will […]

Volunteer Update – Thank You!

Some of the future students for ONE-SHOT Workshop 2011.

One of the most exciting things about being involved in The ONE-SHOT Project from the early days has been watching people from around the world get excited to be involved. Just this week we’ve been contacted by photographers/teachers from Australia, the US and The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to seeing how some of these relationships […]

Gear Update – Only 3 weeks left!

18 Flip video MinoHD Cameras have been donated for this workshop!

This feels like a count-down: in less than a month we’ll be starting our first photography workshop! We put out the request a few weeks ago for point & shoot cameras. The word has gone out via email, blog posts, Twitter, Google+, Freecycle, and of course by word of mouth in our own social circles. […]

Update on the number of cameras!

It’s now a little less than 6 weeks away from our first photography workshop! We put out the request last week for point & shoot cameras, with the hopes of having enough for our class of 15-20 kids from the local group of students in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. We’ll be collecting more than 20 cameras, […]

Meet the Team!

Some of the children at Awal Village, outskirts of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

You might be surprised to know that behind The ONE-SHOT Project is a team of people from across the globe. Meet the people behind the project: Heber Vega is The ONE-SHOT Project founder and Director of Operations. You’ll also find him, with camera in hand, teaching. Heber is a Chilean humanitarian and cultural photographer based […]

First “ONE-SHOT Workshop” is almost here!

ONE-SHOT Workshop

The very first workshop for The ONE-SHOT Project is coming up soon, and we are so excited! We will be working with children from the local surrounding areas in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. From September 4-15 we will have a two-week photography camp, followed up with classes each Friday through the end of November. Throughout the […]

Update! June 2011


First of all I own you a BIG apology for our lack of communication on this site. That should never have happened, so we’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We have faced different problems that have delayed our work as ONE-SHOT, starting from some unrest/protests in our city, which included some casualties, from […]

Encouraging News for ONE-SHOT! (Update)

Wow, it’s been 4 months since we launched this website and finally we have some news to share with you. Let me start from the beginning… at the moment ONE-SHOT is the effort/result of my family, IGVP, and my NGO team, but since my family and I are on a break in our home country, […]