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Santiago 2-2013: Line, Shape + Form

  After each lesson, we head outside with our students to put the teaching into practice. The kids work independently for the most part, and we wander between them, to see if they really understood the class.  But it isn’t until we download their photos that we get a crystal clear picture of their grasp […]

Santiago 1-2013: A Look At Light

  It’s been a rough week out there. No matter what corner of the world has captured your heart, there has been hard news to take in this week.  Seems like a good moment to pause, to look at the world through the eyes of a handful of kids, and think about light.  In case […]

One class in, and I’m already calling it…

  Elizabeth is an artist.  She’s a painter, and does amazing paper collages that you’d swear are paintings. Yesterday afternoon, Elizabeth hung some of her artwork for an art event at her church.  She and another painter had just finished getting everything on the walls, when some kids wandered in.  And they said something like […]