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A Safe Place to Land


This pair of birds is nesting on an air cooler duct, connected to a window in the room we used for classes this summer at the STEP Drop-In Center. I’d noticed them throughout the workshop, but the birds came to have a deep meaning for me. Mr. Raheem pointed them out one day. He said […]

2012 Workshop: Day 2


If you were the pessimistic type, it would have been easy to be discouraged at the start of today’s class. I’m teaching our Level 2 students… which is a class designed as a continuation for the students we had last year. Except the class of 15 we expected has shrunk to a class of 6. […]

A new way to get in touch…

Did you think we disappeared? Nope! But with everyone in Sulaymaniyah (and the rest of the country) celebrating Eid al-Adha, our schedule has been a little off. In the meantime, we’ve been working on some administrative details. I’m happy to tell our American supporters that we have a new U.S. address to receive donations of […]