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STEP Picnic (2)

One of our friends in Slemani, who sat in on a few our workshop classes with STEP this summer, wanted to treat the students to a picnic. Kurds LOVE picnics! Needless to say, the boys (along with STEP manager Mr. Raheem and Heber’s family) had a great time. The image above is such a perfect […]

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Eric IMG_2696

What a ride! A year ago The ONE-SHOT Project was simply an idea, a dream. Today, ONE-SHOT is a reality. More than that, ONE-SHOT is a community!! No matter what role you’ve had in building this project, know that we’re grateful for you. You’ve helped to make something incredibly beautiful. Exciting things are coming in […]

Breaking the Fast

1 Bilal_summer_class100_2142

For the handful of students participating in our “summer school”, we had a special assignment for them over the last couple weeks. They were able to keep a camera for 10 days, while they experienced the end of Ramadan. Our students were challenged to photograph the end of Ramadan… what it looked like and felt […]

A Safe Place to Land


This pair of birds is nesting on an air cooler duct, connected to a window in the room we used for classes this summer at the STEP Drop-In Center. I’d noticed them throughout the workshop, but the birds came to have a deep meaning for me. Mr. Raheem pointed them out one day. He said […]

Weekly Round-Up

Rebaz... was he on fire this week, or what?!

We showed you Rebaz’s work earlier this week, but we didn’t want you to miss the work of our other students. They are having a great time each week with their cameras!!

Being Seen: A Lesson in Presence from Rebaz


One of the most important skills that comes with practicing photography is learning to see the world in a different way. You begin to wake up, take notice, and really pay attention to the everyday things around us. Our students working in the bazaar are surrounded by a wide variety of people every day. Iraq […]

ONE-SHOT: Summer School


The 2012 Workshops are finished, the cameras and image files put away, and by Thursday all of our international volunteers will have returned home. But that’s not the end of ONE-SHOT 2012! Some of our students were so disappointed at the end of the classes, and so eager to learn, that we’re continuing to work […]

2012 Workshops: The Closing Ceremony

Els _MG_0725

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over! By the time we’d cleaned up from the closing ceremony last Saturday, tired and so very proud, we knew that this year’s workshops were a success. How could we be so sure? The proof was in an amazing exhibit of our students’ work, and the pride on their faces […]

‘A Lot of Imagination’

Screen Shot 2012-07-10 at 6.13.56 PM

The fine folks at Ethno Traveler have written a piece for their website on The ONE-SHOT Project. Check it out here.

2012 Workshop: Day 15


“If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.” —Barry Lopez, in Crow and Weasel I told this quote to the boys this afternoon, before going over their stories from yesterday. It speaks so […]

2012 Workshop: Day 13

By: Elsbeth Pijnappels Lucky number 13 that is, as I’m writing this post my kids are actually on a nice 2-day trip around the city. This means that in the last week of One-Shot I won’t see them again until Thursday, for the final day and it’s making me sad already! In the past few […]

2012 Workshop: Day 12

We structure every class to make sure our students have an opportunity to make photographs. It’s important that a photographer who makes portraits knows what it feels like to be photographed. A little empathy for your subject goes a long way! It also gives a lot of insight for directing your subject. Today, we made […]

2012 Workshop: Day 11


By: Agnes O’Hanlon When Heber announced that the boys could take their cameras home for the weekend, their faces immediately lit up and the room was suddenly transformed by their dynamic energies. Each of us is a creator of our own story, and it was so beautiful for us to see the excitement that the […]

2012 Workshop: Day 10

By Elsbeth Pijnappels It’s such a cliché expression but sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. You can tell from the picture above that I had a great time today. And because today’s class was all about emotions, body language and facial expression, I won’t do any in depth analysis but let the […]

2012 Workshop: Day 9

The learning curve is rarely a steep, consistent incline. When we learn a new skill, it’s perfectly normal to have bumps along the way. My level 2 class experienced a day of bumps yesterday. Rather than scale back today’s lesson, we dove into more of the technical aspects of their cameras. I’d hoped that having […]

2012 Workshop: Day 8

By: Agnes O’Hanlon As a photographer, you are always put in the role of observer. Carefully observing the details is critical in photography, because those details are used to visually communicate a story or an idea to the viewer by transporting them there. This week, the kids at the Bazaar were taught how to step […]

2012 Workshop: Day 7

  By: Elsbeth Pijnappels “With a good composition you can even make the most uninteresting things look interesting” I told the kids today. In previous classes we talked about framing, perspective and point of view, colour and light. Things that all come together when you talk about composition. The photographer decides what we see, where […]

2012 Workshop: Day 6

One of the real privileges of teaching the Level 2 class is being able to tackle some fun techniques we weren’t able to cover with our set of point and shoots. Having DSLRs available has meant we could explore motion. We took advantage of a busy nearby street, and a little shade to stand in. […]

2012 Workshop: Day 5

By: Agnes O’Hanlon It’s interesting what you find when you view things from another angle. Day 5 of the workshop couldn’t have turned out any better. The boys at the bazaar came in equipped to learn, create, share, and take in beautiful things through the art of photography. Today was all about Macro Photography – […]

2012 Workshop: Day 4


By Elsbeth Pijnappels Day four of the first week at the ONE-SHOT Project and so far all the teachers are proud and smiling behind their laptops every evening when downloading and looking at the pictures the kids have taken. We show off the results from the kids to each other all the time! It’s really […]

2012 Workshop: Day 3


We are currently running three workshop classes, including an early afternoon class at a drop-in center in the city’s bazaar. The center, run by the organization STEP, is for children as young as 6 years old, who work in the bazaar. Some work along side their families. Some are sent by their families to work. […]

2012 Workshop: Day 2


If you were the pessimistic type, it would have been easy to be discouraged at the start of today’s class. I’m teaching our Level 2 students… which is a class designed as a continuation for the students we had last year. Except the class of 15 we expected has shrunk to a class of 6. […]

2012 Workshop: Day 1

© The ONE-SHOT Project | Iraq 2012

By: Elsbeth Pijnappels   So on this first day the ‘Dutch Connection’ is checkin’ in for a little report! I arrived in Sulaymaniyah just a few days ago, in the wee hours of the morning, with a bag full of donated cameras. Luckily I had some time to get used weather–for the Dutch means immense […]

The night before…


Workshop classes start tomorrow! Yesterday we were busy getting cameras ready for each class: testing, finding batteries, chargers and memory cards. We also found some interesting stories along the way. A few of the donated cameras still had photos on the memory cards (all cleared now, but we liked the peek into your lives!). As […]