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STEP Picnic (2)

One of our friends in Slemani, who sat in on a few our workshop classes with STEP this summer, wanted to treat the students to a picnic. Kurds LOVE picnics! Needless to say, the boys (along with STEP manager Mr. Raheem and Heber’s family) had a great time. The image above is such a perfect […]

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Eric IMG_2696

What a ride! A year ago The ONE-SHOT Project was simply an idea, a dream. Today, ONE-SHOT is a reality. More than that, ONE-SHOT is a community!! No matter what role you’ve had in building this project, know that we’re grateful for you. You’ve helped to make something incredibly beautiful. Exciting things are coming in […]

Counting: Days, Gear, Friends

With just a little over a month until we begin our 2012 workshops, we’re busy working out lots of logistical details.  We’ll have an update soon on our gear needs (it’s not too late to donate your extra camera!). The most exciting thing to see is how our friends are rallying to support ONE-SHOT.  On […]

Half-way There + A Cheer for Social Media


  Two weeks ago we launched a campaign to gather enough cameras for our 2012 summer workshops.  I’m happy to say that we’re over half-way to our goal!  Thank you!!  We’ve had cameras, memory cards, and other bits donated.  Some are on their way to Iraq already.  It’s been so amazing to feel so supported! […]

The Closing Ceremony: 2011

@ ONE-SHOT - 2011 Workshop Iraq

While things may have been quiet on the blog, it’s anything but quiet behind the scenes.  So many details are getting sorted out for our three summer 2012 Workshops.  Yes three!  More on that soon.  But we wanted to give you a final look at our 2011 Workshop. To wind everything up, in December we […]

Local Press

We got mentioned in a local Kurdish English-language newspaper, called Awat. You can check out the article here. We’re grateful for the support!

Welcome, Julie Adnan

©Julie Adnan | Gallery "The Cloth is Speaking".

We’ve mentioned a number of times the unique global flavour that The ONE-SHOT Project has taken on. A mulit-national team has developed to work with northern Iraqi kids. But one element is absolutely essential for the long-term success of ONE-SHOT: partnering with local Iraqi photographers. We need local photographers who understand local culture and will […]

Update on the number of cameras!

It’s now a little less than 6 weeks away from our first photography workshop! We put out the request last week for point & shoot cameras, with the hopes of having enough for our class of 15-20 kids from the local group of students in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. We’ll be collecting more than 20 cameras, […]

First “ONE-SHOT Workshop” is almost here!

ONE-SHOT Workshop

The very first workshop for The ONE-SHOT Project is coming up soon, and we are so excited! We will be working with children from the local surrounding areas in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. From September 4-15 we will have a two-week photography camp, followed up with classes each Friday through the end of November. Throughout the […]

Update! June 2011

First of all I own you a BIG apology for our lack of communication on this site. That should never have happened, so we’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We have faced different problems that have delayed our work as ONE-SHOT, starting from some unrest/protests in our city, which included some casualties, from […]

Encouraging News for ONE-SHOT! (Update)

Wow, it’s been 4 months since we launched this website and finally we have some news to share with you. Let me start from the beginning… at the moment ONE-SHOT is the effort/result of my family, IGVP, and my NGO team, but since my family and I are on a break in our home country, […]

Let us be surprised!

Sulaimaniyah outskirt, northern Iraq.

Something that you’ve probably been wondering about is, what about the children who will be selected to be part of this program. Who are they? How are you going to select them? Who is going to select them? The truth is, I’m wondering about the answers to some of those questions myself. It’s not that […]