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A Safe Place to Land


This pair of birds is nesting on an air cooler duct, connected to a window in the room we used for classes this summer at the STEP Drop-In Center. I’d noticed them throughout the workshop, but the birds came to have a deep meaning for me. Mr. Raheem pointed them out one day. He said […]



Wanted to give a shout-out to the kind folks at First United Church in Sherkston, Ontario (Canada). They asked me to speak at their Christmas luncheon today. It was a lovely time. Not only were they gracious, asking lots of questions after my talk, but they also gave a donation toward the project. Thank you!!

Welcome, Julie Adnan

©Julie Adnan | Gallery "The Cloth is Speaking".

We’ve mentioned a number of times the unique global flavour that The ONE-SHOT Project has taken on. A mulit-national team has developed to work with northern Iraqi kids. But one element is absolutely essential for the long-term success of ONE-SHOT: partnering with local Iraqi photographers. We need local photographers who understand local culture and will […]

Volunteer Update – Thank You!

Some of the future students for ONE-SHOT Workshop 2011.

One of the most exciting things about being involved in The ONE-SHOT Project from the early days has been watching people from around the world get excited to be involved. Just this week we’ve been contacted by photographers/teachers from Australia, the US and The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to seeing how some of these relationships […]

International Photography Projects with Children

While I’ll have more to share about this soon, I’ve been doing research related to The ONE-SHOT Project – photography workshops for kids in northern Iraq. In preparing curriculum, I wanted to see what other projects were out there… and that search developed into this list. There have been a lot of projects! Such a […]