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A Clarifying Moment…


We’ve been showing some great images and stories from our students this summer, but we’re going to pause for a minute here. We’ve recently come across some fundraising campaigns for photography projects in Iraq. We’re happy to have the company, as there is much need! These projects tend to be different from The ONE-SHOT Project […]

A Safe Place to Land


This pair of birds is nesting on an air cooler duct, connected to a window in the room we used for classes this summer at the STEP Drop-In Center. I’d noticed them throughout the workshop, but the birds came to have a deep meaning for me. Mr. Raheem pointed them out one day. He said […]

Organic Redemption

“…We are talking about something that grows and develops without being dependent on an organization for it’s very existence. Individuals collaborate to make it a reality. There’s nothing wrong with organizations. They have a place. But I feel that there’s also a need for initiatives that are carried out by us, the ‘regular’ people of […]

Meet the Team!

Some of the children at Awal Village, outskirts of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

You might be surprised to know that behind The ONE-SHOT Project is a team of people from across the globe. Meet the people behind the project: Heber Vega is The ONE-SHOT Project founder and Director of Operations. You’ll also find him, with camera in hand, teaching. Heber is a Chilean humanitarian and cultural photographer based […]

Let us be surprised!

Sulaimaniyah outskirt, northern Iraq.

Something that you’ve probably been wondering about is, what about the children who will be selected to be part of this program. Who are they? How are you going to select them? Who is going to select them? The truth is, I’m wondering about the answers to some of those questions myself. It’s not that […]