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Our Dutch Connection

In less than two months, our 2012 Workshops will be under way, we’ll have met our new students and got to spend time with our returning students. In the meantime, we’re still working away behind the scenes to get everything ready.  One of the folks helping to make this happen is Elsbeth Pijnappels.  Elsbeth is helping […]

2011 Workshop: Day 1

@ ONE-SHOT | First day 2011 Workshop in Iraq

If the success of the very first ONE-SHOT class was measured by the enthusiasm of the students, today was an overwhelming success. The boys were naturals! In this first class, we introduced the children to the topics that would be covered over the next fourteen sessions. We used a photographic scavenger hunt to give them […]

Welcome, Julie Adnan

©Julie Adnan | Gallery "The Cloth is Speaking".

We’ve mentioned a number of times the unique global flavour that The ONE-SHOT Project has taken on. A mulit-national team has developed to work with northern Iraqi kids. But one element is absolutely essential for the long-term success of ONE-SHOT: partnering with local Iraqi photographers. We need local photographers who understand local culture and will […]

Friends + Family + Food = Cameras for Kids!

friends+food+family = Cameras for Kids!

This past Tuesday, the most amazing group of folks got together in support of ONE-SHOT. Linda Crago, a friend and farmer, hosted an event at her farm in Wellandport, ON, Canada. Linda knows that people who support local farms and who love good food are some of the most generous people around. She’s right! Linda […]

Volunteer Update – Thank You!

Some of the future students for ONE-SHOT Workshop 2011.

One of the most exciting things about being involved in The ONE-SHOT Project from the early days has been watching people from around the world get excited to be involved. Just this week we’ve been contacted by photographers/teachers from Australia, the US and The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to seeing how some of these relationships […]